Chapters 1-3 free audio below.


A wild tale of awakening, The House of Tusk plunges to realms where lines blur and great truths can only be borne by great imagination . . . and the courage to explore it.

A 16-year-old schoolboy, Jake Burton, returns home for a funeral – an ordinary boy though powerful beyond belief, not only because he is human and what that really means, or because of the astounding legacy he is about to inherit in another world, but because of a far deeper and darker mystery reaching back 10,000 years.

This is a story of an abuse of power of monumental scale. The urgent need to atone for it leads to the formation of a highly unlikely triangle – one of friendship, passion, deep suspicion and betrayal, along with staggering potential. When great forces come crashing together, it will be these three individuals who will decide the fate of the entire cosmos. Whether they destroy it or preserve it will come down to one thing and one thing alone – their ability to trust, above all, themselves and each other.

The House of Tusk is Book One in the Lanterns Trilogy, both a perilous voyage through the inner-worlds and a rite of passage – understanding the origin of inherited fears and catching a glimpse of our deeper nature beyond them.

THE BACKSTORY – The below ten minute video is the backstory and subtext to The House of Tusk, a novel I wrote for this very moment in evolution as Earth gives birth to something new . . .

AUDIO – Chapters 1-3 free audio below

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Chapter 1 – Frost

While returning home for a funeral, a ghost tells Jake that he must die. He is then accosted by a striking boy named Frost who knows far too much not only about Jake, but the deeper nature of reality.

Chapter 2 – The Yakreth Warrior

Rani, a warrior from the world of Wrathlabad, has been sent on her first mission, to protect a boy called Jake. It has scarcely begun when she is forced to return to her chief to consult him on a matter of urgency.

Chapter 3 – Memory in the Sword

In a dream, Jake takes hold of a powerful sword, accessing its memory of a gruesome murder in front of a portal. Before the fatal blow, the memory is interrupted by something of terrifying power.


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